DD ● karen



Sadly we have to close, thank you so much to everyone
for participating here over the years. I'm gonna miss this but you can go
now join jjabrams_ic, where you can still enter Lost icons if you feel like to :)

There will be no voting for the last challenge but thank you so much to
larmay and nine_red_hearts for entering!

DD ● karen


Unfortunately I think the current challenge will be the last one here since the participation is really low and I don't see the point of keeping it open, however I've been thinking of setting up a JJ Abrams community where you still can enter Lost icons. Let me know what you think and I'll set it up.

Would you be interested in a JJ Abrams icon community?

Yes, make it happen.
No, I'd like to keep participating only here.
I don't care either way.
Other ideas (say in comments)
DD ● karen


You can icon either or both.

bad-numbers, jsfunction x2
☥ You may submit up to 4 icons.
☥ You can use any picture from the show.
☥ All effects are allowed.
☥ Your icons must fit LJ standarts: no larger than 40kB, 100x100px.
☥ Icons must be made especially for this challenge and by yourself.
☥ Submit entries in a new separate post.
☥ Provide img src and urls on your entry.
Tag you entries with your user tag: user: 'your username'.
Deadline: Sunday, January 17th by 9pm GMT+1.
☥ Any question? just ask! :)